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Angie's Playground


            Angie's Playground will serve more than just the city of Florissant.  The location will be central to the North County region.  It will serve local municipalities including: Black Jack, Ferguson, Hazelwood, St. Ann, Bridgeton, Spanish Lake, Cool Valley, Bellefountaine Neighbors, Jennings, and including the villages surrounding the Natural Bridge corridor.




At the present time, Accessible Play Inc. has an agreement with the city of Florissant to build the playground in Manion Park which is located off of Graham Road behind Hutchens Mortuary about a mile north of I-270.  Manion Park, with 7 acres, includes a lighted multipurpose court, playground equipment, pavilion, and comfort station.  Major infrastructure improvements and additions will be necessary for Angie's Playground.  This includes additional parking, lighting and plumbing to name a few. Below are a couple of pictures of the current Manion Park. 

Angie's Playground will be a destination location.  The playground will create an inclusive environment lessening the barriers between children of all abilities while producing an experience incorporating a safe range and balance of age-appropriate activities.  Specialized equipment designed to be accessible is more expensive than traditional equipment.  In addition to the equipment itself, other items that must be incorporated include: a maneuverable play surface, braille signage, barrier-free play areas, well-marked walking paths, learning stations, quiet areas, and full-service restrooms. A pavilion will serve a number of functions.  First of all it will provide an additional shade/cool down area for quite activities along with a place where parents, grandparents, and caregivers can watch children play.  In addition, Accessible Play envisions the pavilion as a place where children's parties, such as birthdays, can be celebrated.  The rental cost would be minimal and provide additional income for upkeep.

Below are some conceptual pictures of what Angie's Playground will look like. 



5-12 Age Unit

2-5 Age Unit 

Angie's Playground

Commonly Asked Questions 


Where is this playground going to be built?

Accessible Play Inc. has a verbal agreement with Mayor Lowery and the City of Florissant to build the playground in Manion Park which is located off of Graham Road behind Hutchens Mortuary about a mile North of I-270. 

How will this playground be different from the ones already in Florissant?

This playground will include specialized items that provide accessibility not available in traditional playgrounds.


What special features will the playground have?

A few examples include:

brail signage through out the playground and surrounding area

well marked pathways and possibly differences in surfaces to warn about potential dangers such as the swings

a five foot fence and entrance gates will confine without restricting for children who have a tendency to run

Situating our pavilions the sight lines to the playground are clear

ramps wide enough for two-way traffic

rubber surface to accommodate people with mobility issues

from the parking lot to the playground to the walking path there will be no barriers

transfer stations on all of our equipment for persons in wheelchairs

quiet station for children who have a hard time transferring from play to the ride home 


How much will it cost to build this playground?

The estimated cost is approximately $1.5 million


Why will it cost so much? 

The specialized materials are very expensive.  The size of the playground (approximately 10,000 square feet) is itself a major cost of the endeavor.  Our vision is to make it big enough to accommodate large numbers of children at one time.


How will the playground be paid for? 

The playground will be paid for through fundraising and donations.  Accessible Play, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible.  In addition to monetary donations, we are accepting donated services.  Donations will come from individuals, local businesses, non-profit groups, major corporations, utilities and other advocacy agencies.


How much is this going to cost me in tax dollars? Will there be any tax money involved?

At this time, the Board of Directors would like to raise the entire $1.5 million without accepting any public tax money.  An endowment will be set up to maintain the playground after it is turned over to the City of Florissant.


Why do we need an all-inclusive playground?  Why is it important to have children of all abilities play side by side? 

When children have a place to play together they learn and grow by interacting with others who are in some ways different from them, so that social barriers can be broken and all will learn to respect and understand each other.


Is that blue on the drawing-water? 

No.  The blue depicts the area that will be rubber surface.


Why does the playground need a gazebo? 

The pavilion will serve a couple of functions. It will provide an additional shade area where parents, grandparents and caregivers can watch their children play. We also envision it as a place where children’s parties, such birthdays can be celebrated at low cost for families.


When will the playground open? 

Until we are closer to our fundraising goal, it’s unknown exactly when the playground will open.


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